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This informative website is designed to educate the public on what the Crime Stoppers Program is, how it works and what communities in Wisconsin participate in this program.


The 2014 Annual Conference is April 24-26, 2014
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Our Mission

Wisconsin State Crime Stoppers exists to develop and aid individual programs by providing education, information and tools in crime prevention throughout Wisconsin.

Our Vision

Wisconsin State Crime Stoppers will be the primary organization providing information and resources to enhance the effectiveness of individual Crime Stoppers programs as a deterrent to crime for every county within Wisconsin.

Our Affiliates

Wisconsin State Crime Stoppers Statistics

Arrests                12,772
Cases Cleared                11,536
Rewards Paid  $        8,273,860
Property Recovered  $        6,641,361
Narcotics Recovered  $      12,133,757
Total Recovered  $      18,775,118
WI Statistics - 1976 - February 2014
Source: Crime Stoppers USA Database